Article Writing for Affiliate Marketers

When the article is for your own use you would usually have already selected a subject or perhaps you may have been provided with one. Give thought to what you will be writing about as well as the way you are planning to discuss the topic. Check out other articles on the subject and learn the various writing methods that can be used. Take into consideration the final use of the article and also customize the content to match its purpose. Give it some thought: will it be a promotion, informational article with an action from the reader, or is it simply for education purposes. Choose a handful of techniques from the various approach types and then check out some similar articles and reviews on the web for more ideas.

You can utilize anywhere from one to all of the various techniques above in your article, this will be determined by the length of an article as well as its purpose.

Then brainstorm for ideas, writing down thoughts and ideas relating to the topic. Experienced writers will carry out a great deal of research on each of the methods and generate some points or concerns that they will want to include.

Lastly, after jotting down all of their ideas an experienced article writer will evaluate whether or not the ideas are suitable. They will then select a method of following through on those ideas with the end goal of that article in mind.


Have knowledge of your target audience. Experienced writers almost always assess the contents objective. Is this piece of content being created for a targeted audience, for instance a specific profession or kind of individual such as an online marketer? Or is this audience experienced with the subject already. Are they unfamiliar with the topic? Having an understanding of exactly who the target audience is will enable you to set a suitable tone for the article and provide content that the reader will find beneficial.


Research the subject thoroughly to provide information that is not commonplace knowledge. When creating an article it is a good idea to have something significant, unique or informative to say and research is an excellent method of educating yourself on the subject matter. There are countless resources you can utilize to find relevant content material on a subject.

It goes without saying that you can use the online search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Wikipedia and the numerous other information sites on the net. If you utilize these kinds of sources it is advisable to rewrite the information in your own way. Experienced article writers do not copy information from other sites as this is deemed to be copyright infringement. They will always re-write the information in their own words. The only instance when an experienced article writer will not re-write in their own words is in quotes that an individual man or woman has said or when it is a fact in figures, for example a percentage.


Experienced writers will nearly always structure a layout of the article and will create a few points that they are going to discuss in detail. Creating a few points before composing the article is an effective strategy for focusing your mind on the articles purpose. This is a common technique that will help any article writer deliver valuable content material also it will help in the prevention of writing filler content that has absolutely no value. It is good practice to create unique high quality content as this contributes to web ranking and content marketing efforts.

Commence Writing

Experienced writers understand that there is an effective way to create an article. Always begin with an introduction, followed by the body and conclusion.

In the introduction the article writer should start by informing the audience what they can expect to learn.

The body of the article is the information on the topic. Mention varying details that will connect with the reader. Provide the treasured information that they were told to expect.

The conclusion will be where the article is summarized. State any conclusions that the audience ought to have arrived at when they read the article.

This technique of writing is known as “being taken down the garden path” by a lot of experienced article writers as it nicely describes the process.

Check and Check Again

When the article is finished, experienced writers will always proof read the article to locate and resolve any errors and to be certain that it covers the topics well. A common initial step would be to read the article out allowed to yourself. This helps the article writer find grammar mistakes and inconsistency in the article. When a reading is finished and any mistakes have been rectified the process is repeated over and over again until the article is considered to be satisfactory. The next process could be to look for spelling errors because a spell checker will not always pick these up.

It is relatively common for a word to be found in an article that is spelt correctly but is the wrong word for the sentence. Experienced writers make sure to check for these.

When a writer has been through the process of writing and checking a few times, they get comfortable with it and it becomes subconscious competence writing.

If you adopt the steps above, sooner or later you will be able to call yourself an experienced article writer.

Check grammar and spelling as you go AND when you have completed the article. Spend some time correcting them throughout the development process AND once the article is complete.

By using a high number of the same or related keywords you can make an article sound very unnatural. Always remember quality is king and it is essential for success in internet marketing. Always make sure the article reads in a natural way and is informational, this really is very important. Use bullet points to break up and highlight important information.

Facebook Proves Most Business Websites Are Poorly Written

Every day tens of thousands of words pass before your very eyes – how many do you remember? The problem with almost everything we see online is that it is largely unremarkable and unmemorable. For businesses this is a real problem. If people cannot recall what you have written they are unlikely to act on it. In other words, triggering the memory of your visitors is essential if your online business is to succeed.

For instance, imagine you have a great long sales page in front of you. You scroll down to the bottom – can you remember what was at the top? If you can there is a greater chance of you pressing that “buy now” button. But if your memory is not triggered then you don’t really know what that “buy now” button is for.

Similarly, imagine you read a short web page offering you some kind of service, but you don’t want to buy it just yet. You close the web page and go back to the rest of your work. Two days later how is your memory doing for that website? The chances are you can remember you saw something related to your interest, but can’t recall which website or anything particular about it. That’s a “fail” for the website trying to get your business.

And what about when you are in conversation with colleagues who need a solution to an issue? You know you saw a website that would be of real help to them, but your recollection is vague.

In any of these instances the failure is not in our memory, but in the websites’ ability to make their recall easy. Most business websites appear to prevent us remembering anything from them.

But why? Well, a new study on the memorability of social media posts has provided a clue. It turns out, according to research conducted at the University of California San Diego, people find it much easier to recall Facebook posts which are poorly written than “proper English” in other settings. It seems that “good writing” is less easily memorable than conversational English.

This is no real surprise. Conversational language was developed in our evolutionary history to enable us to communicate without any memory aid. So conversational language had to be memorable, otherwise it failed. Yet written language is always something we can come back to, hence it developed in such a way that it didn’t need to be so immediately memorable.

The problem is, written language was developed at a time in our developmental history when writing was rare. Nowadays we are surrounded by millions of words every day – and the formality of written language is showing it cannot cope so well under those circumstances.

Business writing is even worse. There is this theory that business writing “has” to be formal and “correct”. But that makes it unmemorable.

What this Facebook study shows – once again – is that businesses which focus on “proper writing” are likely to do less well online than those who write their websites in conversational language.

Brief About Enterprise Mobility Framework

Earlier considered just as ‘business as usual’, now enterprise mobility market is fully flooded with new techniques and advancement, driven by consumers worldwide. The end users are setting the trends and creating de jure standards, not only for the enterprise. Inappropriately for companies and organizations, their employees are customers too, leading to a demand for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). As an outcome, enterprises started addressing mobility as a crude but effectual way of turning things at the project level, heading to duplication, inconsistencies and gaps across the applications. With the increase in pressure and demand, organizations started assessing their enterprise mobility requirements and acquiring technology and offerings from reckoned IT vendors claiming to cure issues with their MEAP (Mobile Enterprise Application Platform) and Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions.

Need and Purpose of a Mobile Framework

The need to showcase content including graphics, images and videos continues to grow especially with the seamless expansion of enterprise information over the small screen. This led to a high demand and increase for reducing a little the content to mobile implementation cycle. For moving the content mobile, it’s advised to go for a mobility framework customization, and implement it effectively to gain better results. The main objective of a mobile framework is to make use of a standard based architecture, which leverages the existing information technology infrastructure and optimizes the return on investment. The customized mobile framework would get easily deployed, along with extending the enterprise content to end users with both good user experience and quality. The proposition of a mobile framework is relatively different from mobile application development tools needed in real to develop mobile applications. The customized frameworks help to amplify and enhance existing applications including customer relationship management to mobile personnel and related devices.

Use and Attributes of a Mobile Framework

Mobile applications has been tremendously used and demanded these days all across the world. Leveraging its usage in multiple applications, different features of a mobile framework are mentioned in brief in below.

Graphical development tool – Used for visually mapping critical data and server logic to device resident applications
User identity and secure access
Flexibility and ability to integrate new code including Insignia, Mobile Media API,.NET
Flexibility for customization
Functionality for content syndication and transformation
Availability of API extension used to enable other media applications including images, audio and video, along with transformation including Insignia mobile media framework, Java Mobile Media API
Functionality and capability to render lightweight technology for mobile agent based distributed computing including Taco framework
Tools for device detection
Benefits of a Mobile Framework

There are many advantages of integrating and using mobile applications like mentioned in below:

Learn and grab more knowledge about how to select, synchronize and customize pocket PCs, mobile devices, notebook computers etc.
Get to leverage your connectivity options wired, wireless, infrared, cyber cafe’s and much more.
Make your professional and authentic data, emails, Microsoft office applications, files and documents ready to use and secure.
Do more with less driving and guiding directions. Along with entertaining yourself and enjoying music, could manage your expenses and stocks on mobile phones.
Assist your company to stay agile and effective with ERP, sales automation and other applications used and must for mobile employees.
Learn and grab more on how to buy gadgets, clothing, accessories and more that aren’t just for fashion and style but could solve real-time business problems.
In all, a mobile framework has a wide spectrum of requirements, features, usage and benefits. Apart from this, enterprise mobility solutions assist the employees to work from anywhere without impacting the workflow and productivity of the company. Few advantages of deploying enterprise mobility solutions are as follows:

Increase in employee productivity
Optimum use of resources
Smooth and better communication with the external party
Safe and secure availability of data
Reduction in operational and maintenance costs
Improvisation in consumer support and satisfaction

Source of Site Traffic That Can Help You Get Past Google

Are you willing to invest in a more long-term and reliable organic traffic source for your website? Then let’s look at a search engine that can assist you in increasing your traffic.

Interview an Influencer or Get Interviewed by a High-traffic Website

Have you heard of Tim Ferriss, the author of the Four-Hour Work Week?

His podcast is nowadays a staple content type that he provides to his viewers. Tim’s show has world-class performers who share their insights on a variety of topics, and he is well-liked on social media. Do Tim’s fans enjoy the show? So far, the show has received over 50 million downloads. On most days, it’s the most popular business podcast on iTunes.

Interviews, whether on video or audio, are inherently conversational, lively, and engaging. The great aspect is that it’s a win-win situation for both sides. The interviewer is exposed to a new audience, while the interviewee is able to provide his website visitors with new fascinating and authoritative information. You can ask an industry influencer to share your interview with their followers on social media if you interview them. Consider the organic traffic you’ll get from their social media followers, which number in the hundreds of thousands. Consider the level of interest generated by a prior Derek Sivers interview on the Tim Ferriss Show. Derek shared the show’s URL with his 283K followers on Twitter. It won’t hurt if you establish a relationship with the influencer as a result of the interview.

Similarly, being interviewed by a high-ranking website can result in a significant increase in search engine traffic. Harsh Agrawal’s blog, Shoutmeloud, received 35,000+ views in a single day after he was profiled by YourStory. That was the blog’s most popular search engine traffic source (with 600,000+ monthly visitors). Because interviews provide consolidated value, they can be used as a long-term lead generating source for your company. Consider how many bloggers you’ve learned about through interviews on YouTube and other high-authority websites.

You may also conduct a Reddit AMA if you have a very compelling storey to tell. Mateen’s AMA got about generating $85,000 in profit by selling TeeSpring shirts/hoodies received 2000 page views. He also boosted the number of visitors to his website on a daily basis.

By registering as a source with HARO, you can also answer queries from journalists. On HARO, Christopher from Snappa came across this question from Inc Magazine about the future of content marketing. He swiftly responded with a thorough response. He was mentioned in Inc a few weeks later as a result of this. HARO is an excellent strategy to have your brand mentioned on authoritative news sites such as Entrepreneur and Inc. Those backlinks will enhance your search engine traffic and increase your marketing strategy by improving your reputation in Google’s eyes. Contact an SEO agency to find out how you can do this and how they can manage it for you while you work on the bottom line of your business.